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US Jack specialized in 100% United States Made Jacks

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Rent your next tent for your Wedding Day, or your kids Graduation Party.  Locally owned, serving Berrien County, Michigan.

We provide floor coating for all your needs, industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential. From your truck bed to your pool deck we have you covered.

In 1993 I was confronted with the proverbial "opportunity" knocking at my door,   that opportunity was in the arena of business advertising signs of all shapes, sizes and materials.   It was appealing to me,   it was hands on work,   it was creative,  it presented a challenge.    I pursued this first opportunity and found myself gradually moving on through more demanding and challenging avenues,   not only working with other types of sign companies but developing relationships with suppliers of virtually any and all things related to the sign industry.    Gradually my knowledge base,   my contacts and my customers helped me recognize my own capabilities;   the day finally came when I realized that I could strike out on my own and make my own business work.

What you realize once you take that first step is that everything you put out in products and services is yours;   your ideas,  your methodolgy,  your creativity........ sometimes you just have to stand back and get "Wowed" by your own work............ what's even more gratifying is when someone else looks at your work and let's out with a "WOW" ............. there in lies the true gratification of owning your own business,   when you know your customers appreciate and acknowledge your efforts. 

Now in 2009 and quickly moving in on 2010  what  began as signage has propagated into the development of customized business literature,   business cards that have "Wow" appeal,  brochures,   letterhead,   magnetics,  vinyl applications which when applied to commercial trailers or individuals motor homes bring out explicatives that go beyond the "Wow" factor............. it's a great feeling.    With the advent of the Internet becoming more mainstream to more individuals and businesses more opportunities have developed and my skills in computer work from vinyl graphics have migrated very nicely in to web development work,  not only from the standpoint of web site development,   but web hosting,   designing personalized logos to brand your company and your products.   

This latest venture into the World Wide Web is the best effort of Graphic Image to bring to you,  as my customer,    one area of expertise where all of your web site development can take place with the desired end result being to convey the messages you feel will best impact your customer base in a positive fashion........ Graphic Image wants see your business grow.    Graphic Image appreciates your time and consideration in our being your source for answers and results in these advertising arenas.

Mark Conrad
Owner & Operator
Graphic Image

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